eBay introduces changes in favour of online sellers: keep up and avoid surprises

Today, an update on eBay and changing seller performance standards. eBay is finally taking action on sellers’ behalf with a view to determining what kind of buyer experience they truly deliver. Now more objective data rather than subjective buyer ratings will be taken into account.

Why is the change needed?

You may be familiar with cases of dishonest buyers purposefully leaving negative feedback. Why would they do that? Simply in order to obtain a discount or even to get an item for free! Tricky and not very helpful for the seller…

eBay has recognised there may be some fraudulent practices on the buyer’s part and has decided to clamp down on dishonest negative feedback. With the help of new changes, eBay wants to ensure more objective feedback, fairer to the seller.

What is changing?

Now transactions will only count as defective if:

  • The seller has cancelled the transaction
  • The buyer has opened a case and the case has been closed by eBay
  • Tracking shows or the buyer claims that the item hasn’t been delivered on time.

What does it mean for eBay sellers? The entire responsibility for their performance with regard to eBay’s standards lies in their own hands!

Ensure you’re well prepared for this change

You can already check how you’re performing against the new standards since 5 November 2015. If you see your performance is below the desirable standards, action it immediately. Failing to meet the standards can have a disastrous effect on your eBay sales.

Do you have a tracked delivery method? If so, congratulations! If you don’t provide shoppers with a tracking number, you have to trust your buyer to confirm a timely delivery. In other
words, you put your fate in the buyer’s hands. A valid tracking number is proof for eBay that the order has been delivered on time. So do your business some good and track your goods yourself!

Consider adding an express delivery method. Buyers love to have their orders completed quickly and are often willing to pay an extra fee to receive their parcel in one or a few days. This is especially important in the case of foreign buyers who sometimes need to wait for ages before their order finally arrives from abroad. An impatient buyer, tired of waiting, is much more likely to open a case and add negative feedback that their item didn’t arrive on time!

Make sure you’re up-to-date with your open cases, also from foreign buyers. It is crucial to answer them in a timely and polite way. Yes, let’s admit it, buyers tend to be wrong, but they hate to hear it. So keep a stiff upper lip and avoid problem escalation. A rude answer can make the buyer blow the case out of proportion and escalate it to eBay. This can in turn change into a defect in no time…

Webinterpret is here for you!

Webinterpret appreciates the importance of positive feedback when it comes to online sales figures. How do we help our customers to achieve it?

WebIntepret Logo

  • Case Manager: all the cases opened by your international buyers on foreign eBay sites will be visible in one place in your Webinterpret dashboard. You will be able to solve them directly,
    using the dashboard, without logging in to various eBay sites
  • WISH: Webinterpret Shipping Programme: Webinterpret will provide you with a tailor-made shipping solution, guaranteeing competitive rates and a speedy delivery. You will be able to manage your orders from your Webinterpret dashboard: all your eCommerce activities will be in one place!
  • Collaborating with a fulfillment centre in the USA to provide a speedy delivery to US buyers
  • Communicating with foreign buyers on your behalf regarding expected delivery time

On a final note…

The world of eCommerce is a dynamic place which may be challenging for online sellers to keep up with. Not only is it about knowing the ropes, but also about staying up-to-date with fast-changing trends as well as eBay rules and policies.


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