Ecommerce sellers should go mobile and social. Here’s why…

… already provide a mobile-optimised solution. According to Channel Advisor, 70% of UK retailers said that over 21% of their current web traffic comes from mobile devices. Smartphones play a key part here, driving more and more e-commerce traffic with consumers using PCs and tablets. Hence, it’s crucial for online sellers to accommodate smartphone and tablet users in their digital marketing activities. Otherwise, large numbers of potential buyers may be driven away from your user-unfriendly mobile design. According to Deloitte, 94 of the top 100 retailers in the US provide mobile-optimised websites and 78% offer dedicated mobile apps. Have you made sure that mobile visitors browsing YOUR website will not be discouraged by mobile-unfriendly navigation?

Demandware data

The Demandware Shopping Index provides information on e-commerce growth on the basis of the shopping activity of more than 200 million shoppers around the world. This analysis indicates that there is a rapid shift towards phones (Q1 2014 vs. Q1 2015). The general tendencies include the increase in shopping visit frequency, reduced time per visit (8.9 mins) and widespread use of phones for shopping.

Phones account for 35% of traffic and 18% of orders.


GENERAL for mobile trend post global traffic order share by device

Source: Demandware

Social media

The widespread use of mobile devices is related to the use of social media in the world of e-commerce. Most retailers seem to be using social media channels for branding purposes, yet there is a big potential to change conversations into sales conversions.

According to research carried out by Channel Advisor, the three leading business social media goals of UK sellers are increasing  brand awareness (70%), reaching new generations of customers (46%) and driving sales conversions (46%).

How should businesses respond to mobile commerce?

  • MOBILE DESIGN: To increase conversion rates, it is crucial for businesses to implement a responsive, mobile-friendly design. 67% of visitors are more likely to make a purchase from a mobile-friendly site, 61% users will leave if that’s not the case. If you do not want your potential customers to go to your competition, make an extra effort to optimise the mobile version of your site.This includes the user interface, easy navigation, viewing experience and site-flow.
  • MAKE EXCELLENT CONTENT TO DO YOUR BUSINESS: Use your content for branding purposes and remember about the best SEO practices. High-quality content, e.g. with valuable tips or industry insights, will bring you more followers and potential customers.
  • IMPORTANCE OF VIDEO: According to Cisco, 69% of all consumer traffic will be driven to video. This can be explained by the general preference of online visitors to respond to images and visual presentations. Presenting the benefits of your product in a video may be your real deal maker.
  • REMARKET TO SOCIAL MEDIA: In the era of smartphones, your potential customer is always on. Take the most popular platform, Facebook, as an example: Mobile ads accounted for 69% of Facebook’s fourth-quarter (2014) ad revenue.

In a nutshell…

Follow the biggest technological trends: they can take your store to a larger audience. Today, mobile marketing is in an integral part of e-commerce. Online sellers underestimating the role of mobile devices in consumer behaviour may suffer from decreasing sales conversion rates.

Hence, it is strongly recommended for them to provide consumers with an enhanced/full mobile experience. Websites must fit the mobile format so that a user-friendly navigation and a responsive web design are ensured.

It is of utmost importance for e-tailers to understand the specifics of digital marketing channels, including social media as well as emerging technologies and consumer behaviours.

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