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Managed Shipping Program increased Simply Coins sales by 85%

It’s been very very busy this past year

Wayne Walton from Simply Coins

The Story of Simply Coins


While Jane and Wayne Walton have been buying on eBay since 2006, their journey as sellers and the creation of Simply Coins began much later during the onset of the 2020 pandemic. Ensuing lockdowns presented a financially turbulent time for many families across the globe, including the Waltons, but they also provided time for picking up new passions and hobbies.

In Jane’s case, this took the form of collecting coins: everything from the Royal Mint to limited editions of global coins and banknotes. It was only a matter of time before Jane and Wayne discovered the coin market on eBay and realized the business opportunity that was right in front of them. Parting ways with their collection did not turn out to be a challenging feat. “Our children wouldn’t know one coin from another,” remarks Wayne on their earlier days of collecting.

Simply Coins has had a successful two years on eBay. The business boasts a 99% positive feedback rate, with 7,000+ items sold and 1,000+ followers on the marketplace. They were able to reach new heights in 2022 after joining eBay’s European Sales Booster Program in partnership with Webinterpret, opening the gates for international visibility on several eBay marketplaces: eBay US, eBay Australia, eBay Germany, eBay France, eBay Italy and eBay Spain.

The Challenge

After localizing their coin listings for international eBay marketplaces with Webinterpret, Simply Coins knew they would need to optimize their international shipping strategy to keep up with the expected influx of international orders.

They decided to use the Managed Shipping Program, Webinterpret’s AI-powered shipping feature available from the Webintepret Shipping service. The Managed Shipping Program is built to set the most optimal shipping preferences for marketplace listings while also taking care of routing, shipping label generation and updating tracking information on international and domestic orders.

The Result701x

Since Simply Coins started using the Managed Shipping Program in May 2022 for all of their listings, the business has grown by more than 85% in value. Breaking this value down further shows that domestic sales (purchases from buyers in the United Kingdom on have increased by 41%, and international sales (international purchases on and other eBay marketplaces) have increased by more than 300%.

chart scThis sales growth is heavily attributed to the average number of orders shipped per month, which has seen a tremendous increase of 80% since the shipping program was activated. Couriers chosen by their customers (and selected by the Managed Shipping Program) include reputable names like UPS Express Saver, Asendia Epaq Select Multileg, FedEx Cross Border and Evri Home Delivery Domestic.

When asked about his final thoughts on Webinterpret, Wayne concedes there isn’t a lot more to say. Simply Coins’ international sales are taking care of themselves at this point thanks to the Managed Shipping Program, providing an automated hands-free approach for streamlining the entire shipping process.

About Managed Shipping

Increase your sales conversion with the Managed Shipping Program, Webintepret’s AI-powered shipping feature in Webinterpret Shipping. The Managed Shipping Program intelligently sets the most optimal shipping preferences on your listings and takes care of routing, shipping label generation and updating tracking information. It is one of many features available in the Webinterpret Shipping service, designed to streamline your approach to international and domestic shipping management.

Webinterpret Shipping is one of Webinterpret’s core services designed to grow your business globally along with Internationalization, Advertising and Returns.

Try the Managed Shipping Program and increase your conversion today!

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