Webinterpret launches Sellium®: ecommerce product of 2019

Check out a special product preview of Sellium®: the brand new ecommerce product by Webinterpret. It’s the first ecommerce product of this kind.

Sellium® is due to be launched next week However, as some say, it’s already the best ecommerce product of 2019!

The wait is over: revolutionary ecommerce product is now on the market

It’s Sellium® and it’s less typical than most product features we launch. Sellium® goes much deeper and impacts … everything.

It’s a major revolution for all those ecommerce sellers who love money and have to (learn how to) live with fat bank accounts.

What is the Sellium® ecommerce product?

It’s an anti-anxiety killer for ecommerce sellers. The medicine relieves anxiety caused by selling too much online or by any unexpected revenue growth.

Read the leaflet below for more information.

Who can benefit from it?

Sellium® was created to address the issues pointed out by ecommerce merchants themselves. Many of our sellers started complaining about unexpectedly high sales figures.

Thus, we’ve created this magic pill to help ecommerce sellers stay balanced and enjoy their new wealth and lifestyle.

Where’s all this Sellium® idea from?

Webinterpret has created Sellium® based on feedback from hundreds of ecommerce sellers. Those merchants implemented automation in their international sales strategy and .. simply started selling and earning too much.

How can they can complain? You may ask.

Well, all that glitters is not gold.

According to James, an online store owner, selling in the fashion category on 7 European markets:

Now I have so much money and free time that I have to learn how to live with it. At times I simply don’t know how to spend all this extra money. I don’t know how to handle the new situation.

Tom, another merchant (selling car parts, mostly in the USA), reports that he has so much free time now that he’s started to ponder existential questions. He says: As I got used to working round the clock, sometimes I don’t know what to do with my life. Now I finally have time to live my dream. But it’s not always easy to rewire and accept that I can finally do it and enjoy the ride!

Some sellers, on the other hand, report that the number of received orders has increased significantly. Now they need much more merchandise. They’re kept pleasantly busy, seeing more orders and more money flowing in. However, sometimes they’re stressed, worrying it’s too good to be true.

There’s a key to sorting out issues like these.

Forget the past, be at peace with your new reality & wealth and expect the future to be even richer & brighter. Sellium® is here to help you achieve just that.

global ecommerce sellium leaflet

Happy April Fools’ Day! Oh, it’s not until Monday? Remember…
Webinterpret is always at least one step ahead!


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