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9 Halloween Ecommerce Ideas to Boost Sales Last-Minute

Need some creative ideas to boost your last-minute eCommerce sales this Halloween? Look no further. We’ve put together a list of 9 fast and easy ideas that will help you bring in some extra revenue from that last-minute shoppers. And won’t spook you!

Some people are spontaneous and decide to go to a Halloween party last-minute, some always shop harum-scarum and forget to order their spooky gadgets on time. Whatever the reason, don’t judge! Instead, welcome them to your haunted ecommerce store. Here’s what we propose:

  • Read our last-minute actionable tips.
  • Do as much as you can to reel in those last-minute Halloween customers.
  • If you happen to stumble upon this article post-Halloween, you can still get inspired and try to think how you can improve your strategy for the holiday period coming up.

9 last-minute Halloween sale themes & tricks for ecommerce

This year Halloween falls on the 31st of October. It is actually the fourth most popular holiday next to Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter. And as such a great ecommerce opportunity! Let’s dive right in and see how to increase your sales towards the last days of Spooky Season.

#1 Halloween Ecommerce Idea: Shipping at the eleventh hour

One of the best ways to boost last-minute online sales is to offer fast shipping on top of the standard delivery option. Whether it’s overnight delivery or priority one-day shipping, make sure you offer it.

If you can get orders to those customers fast, you’ll be sure to win some extra business. Offer guaranteed delivery before Halloween, or better yet – before the weekend of October 29, 2022.

#2 Halloween Ecommerce Idea: Trick or Free Delivery?

And while we’re on the topic of shipping: why not incentivize sales with free delivery?

A study by UPS showed that 63% of shoppers are more likely to shop with a retailer if they offer free shipping. It’s a great way to increase your checkout conversion rates plus get new customers to try your ecommerce store.

Offer free shipping on orders over a certain amount or for a limited time. Learn more about how to use free shipping to boost your ecommerce sales.

#3 Halloween Ecommerce Idea: Boo! Keep them updated

Keep your customers updated on the delivery status of their orders. Include that promise in your listing descriptions. And keep it!

A lot of last-minute Halloween shopping is done frantically and randomly, so you end up with new buyers. That’s great! You can turn them into loyal clients with how you process their orders. Think: exceptional customer service, personalized emails, creating a sense of reliability. If you promise to keep them informed and you keep your words, they will feel confident about shopping with you and might come back for more on the next occassion.

#4 Halloween Ecommerce Idea: Don’t count on discounts

Don’t make your items too cheap. Halloween is not Black Friday! Giant discounts may help sell but they might also backfire. By causing to devalue your brand, rising suspicion with potential clients or even generating something you didn’t prepare for, like a stockout.

Last-minute sales are already driven by a sense of urgency. You can tap into that and deploy some funny/scary pop ups that will urge people to buy but also put them in a good mood.

#5 Halloween Ecommerce Idea: Spooky Freebies

Another tactic of enticing last-minute shoppers is by offering themed freebies. This will not only attract new customers, but also encourage existing clients to buy more.

Normally this requires some planning. But to try this trick out last-minute you can go through your current listings and check for some smaller, cheaper items that are not your top-sellers. And are taking up space in your storage. Maybe there’s something there that could be leveraged into a freebie!

If it does the trick get more creative next year. Keep it easy and on topic: some eyeball candy? Or spooky candy bags? Faux-furry tarantulas? Pumpkin cake mix? It’s a great idea to spice up both your Halloween themed listings as well as the regular ones!

#6 Halloween Ecommerce Idea: Bundle up!

Same rule can go for last-miute bundle deals. Look at your current stock, check if there’s anything that’s not generating expected revenue and could be re-used for this purpose! Pair things up and offer a small discount for the set. Keep it in line with the Halloween spirits!

#7 Halloween Ecommerce Idea: Don’t scare customers with returns

Make your returns policy easy: especially when stressed last-minute shoppers are your target audience. Consumer psychology surveys show that 67% of clients check the returns page before making a purchase. This can ease them into making the final purchase.

#8 Halloween Ecommerce Idea: Spookiness is catchy

All your SEO & ecommerce activities as well as Halloween marketing ideas should be planned far in advance, there’s no denying that. However, there’s always something you can do to boost sales, especially online!

Try social media platforms for promoting your last-minute Halloween deals. Learn how to use Facebook and Instagram to your ecommerce advantage. Don’t forget to update your offers and channels with Halloween-themed content and custom hashtags to get everyone in the spooky spirit!

What will help you with successful planning is keeping track of the ecommerce calendar. Download the FREE Ecommerce Calendar 2023 by Webinterpret NOW!

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#9 Halloween Ecommerce Idea: Coming late to the party

Business owners should start acquiring potential Halloween customers a few weeks before 31st of October. But who says you can only sell before the big day? You can also sell right after! Retarget your Spooky Season customers in November.

A lot of shoppers are going online to look for special occasions: post-holiday deals and discount coupons. They are willing to buy things ahead and keep them for the next year – if the price is right. This is a great idea to ulitize items that didn’t sell well. And also an easy way to free up some storage.


In conclusion: remember to treat, not trick your last-minute customers! They might turn into your most loyal clients.


Boost your international spooky sales next year

Halloween is typically an American holiday but its global popularity is growing every year. People love to dress up for this occasion, and ecommerce businesses can take advantage of this by offering Halloween-themed products.

With local festive gatherings becoming more and more popular in Europe online sellers have an opportunity to trade on their domestic markets. But they’re just a small part of the big ecommerce landscape. There’s a good chance you will achieve amazing sales figures next year if you plan an international campaign in advance.

If you’re looking for some spooky Halloween ecommerce ideas, why not try creating some themed content? You could write some themed blog posts for you website, or create social media videos showing how to style Halloween-themed outfits. Some great Halloween ecommerce marketing ideas include running Halloween-themed contests, and featuring Halloween products prominently on your website.

Dressing up for Halloween is all about uniqueness. Many customers will want to find costumes that are different to what is available locally. A good source of new, rare ideas are foreign countries. You can look at some Halloween costume photo contests and get inspired when planning your stock for 2023. But most importantly, consider localizing your Halloween offers on international markets.

What else should you remember?

Buying journey:

People who are looking to buy Halloween ecommerce products generally go through the same buying journey as they would for any other product.

Marketing ideas for Halloween:

Your Halloween campaigns should be created with the intention of providing a unique and memorable experience for the customer. You can organize a contest or a lucky draw for your newsletter or social media contact base.

Custom spooky hashtags:

Use seasonal hashtags to describe your Halloween ecommerce ideas. Classics include: # trickortreat # halloweendeals # spookyseason # halloweenvibes, and # happyhalloween.

Halloween promotional and freebie ideas:

Some great Halloween ecommerce freebie ideas include offering flexible elements like downloadable decorations, printable coloring pages, and costume ideas.


If lockdowns are ever coming back, don’t fret. Halloween sales generated $300 billion in 2021 despite Covid-19 restrictions, according to the National Retail Federation. in Some popular Halloween ecommerce ideas during Covid included online costume parties, virtual pumpkin carving contests, and online Halloween scavenger hunts. So it shouldn’t affect your sales.



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