3 small eBay moves that could mean BIG revenue for you

It is now easier, cheaper, and faster to give a boost to your eBay sales. Three small developments at eBay are giving big incentive for international selling.

Price drop on Anchor Store subscriptions

No secret here. Effective May of this year, it got cheaper to be an eBay Anchor Store. If you want to increase your profit margins, consider the benefits:

  • Lower Anchor Store subscription prices.
  • Up to 2,500 free listings per month.
  • Rock bottom, 5¢ pricing for fixed price listings.

Here’s the detailed cost-benefit breakdown: http://pages.ebay.com/sellerinformation/news/springupdate2013/springfeesimplification.html

Listings on international sites DO NOT accrue final value fees on postage

This is a nice little loophole in eBay’s fee structure that sellers are taking advantage of. Not only does listing directly on foreign eBay sites increase the exposure of your products, you also retain higher margins by avoiding FVF on postage. For listings on ebay.com and ebay.co.uk, you must pay FVF on postage, but for all other eBay sites that’s more money in your pocket on every item shipped.

Launch of eBay International Growth Program powered by Webinterpret

EBay is investing substantial resources in its Cross Border Trade division, the team tasked with capitalizing on the growing trend of sales between buyers and sellers of different countries.

EBay noticed a jump in its European cross border trade due to Webinterpret, a company offering full service translation and localization services to eBay sellers. Sellers have seen their international sales increase by as much as 25% in two months. EBay has now bringing this service mainstream with the launch of the International Growth Program.

It works like this: Webinterpret replicates your current listings, translates them into different languages and localizes them to different country markets. These listings are optimized for foreign search and posted directly to foreign eBay sites. The platform is scalable, so you can have hundreds of foreign listings active on foreign sites very quickly. Service includes synching your inventory across all eBay sites and communication assistance with foreign buyers.

Three small developments, one big opportunity

Lower Anchor Store subscription prices, 2,500 free listings and 5¢ fixed price listings gives you the opportunity to create international listings at little or no cost. Combine these benefits with no FVF on postage on international listings and that means higher margins on international sales.

EBay has further incentivized international sales by launching the eBay International Growth Program powered by Webinterpret. You have all the incentive to list on foreign eBay sites, but creating effective foreign listings requires expertise in translation, localization, and eBay Cross Border Trade best practices. Try out a no-risk, no-cost program to test the international potential of your store.

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