270 million consumers will be browsing and purchasing online by 2020

According to Forrester Research Inc, mobile devices will contribute to a whopping 270 million of consumers browsing and buying online. Online sales in the US will reach $ 523 billion. This will happen by 2020, not so far down the line, so we should all get ready for these big numbers!

Forrester confirms that mobile eCommerce is driving the above-mentioned numbers. Now more and more consumers have access to smartphones, tablets and faster wifi networks: Browsing for products and making purchases can be done with just a click of a finger. What is more, shopping now goes far beyond local markets, crossing international marketplaces.

This is how and where eCommerce is going: Mobile and across borders.

Now browsing is easier than ever: mobile devices have truly user-friendly screens so we’re ok to browse anywhere and anytime, whether we’re searching for something or just to kill time. It’s like going to a supermarket to buy some bread and coming back with 2 bags of discounted products. You may be browsing casually for information about the Mediterranean Sea and end up buying flight tickets to Malta!

More often than we realise, shopping is a by-product of more or less randomly surfing the net.

Hence, online shops and international online Cross-Border Trade are likely to become the key drivers of the consumer-driven economy. High street retailers and local markets have been affected already.

Local webstore owners, however, are encouraged to use this potential to their own advantage. Now, the technology used to create global online shops is affordable and accessible to online shops of all sizes.

There’s still some time left before 2020 kicks in, but why not take the next step now? Online sales will reach $ 523 billion pretty soon: Do the right thing now to become part of it just in time!


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