What generates high international revenue for British online sellers, part 1.

UK1“Clothes, Shoes & Accessories” is the top selling category among American online sellers, as our latest research showed. It would appear that this is not only the case for sellers in the US. Brand new research carried out by Webinterpret shows that the same category is on the list of the best categories being sold internationally by British online sellers. Apart from this similarity, the rest of the list differs and contains some useful tips for those who are selling their inventory on the Internet and would like to find new markets with high potential.

Top 10 selling categories

One of the things that we wanted to find out during our research was the ranking of the top 10 selling categories. As mentioned above, “Clothes, Shoes & Accessories” takes around 28% of the cake compared to the rest of the best categories. The second place is taken by “Vehicle Parts & Accessories” that accounted for 27% of the market. The third place goes to “Home, Furniture & DIY” that covers 16% of international revenue. You can see the rest of the ranking on the pie chart below which may help you decide what potential the category has that you are selling in.

Subcategories demand

The “Clothing, Shoes & Accessories” category had the highest demand among German online buyers. Research shows that the subcategory “Women’s clothing” attracted the highest interest. On the other hand, we have noticed that the most popular items being sold by American online sellers in the British online market was “Men’s clothing”. As a small digression we can add that from what we have heard, men prefer to buy clothes on the internet because shopping this way saves time and money. There is still a stereotype that men don’t like shopping too much and prefer to do it quickly and effectively. On the American online market, too, we have noticed that men’s clothing is more popular than women’s. Australia is almost the same in this case because there is only a 1% difference between spending on women’s and men’s clothing with the slight majority being on women’s clothes.

Germany is also a leading market for items from the British domestic market categorised as “Vehicle Parts & Accessories”. If you are selling these items, make sure that you include something in the subcategory “Performance & Tuning Parts” that generates the highest scope of interest among buyers in Germany and France.

We encourage you to take a look at the details of each category and find out which subcategories had the highest demand in particular markets.

For those who would like to find out where exactly the top categories are being sold we have prepared an additional report. It is coming soon so stay tuned and visit our blog.







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