Webinterpret in review for July 23, 2015

We’re back with another biweekly Webinterpret in Review article. This week we have a lot of details about our improved Message Translation System, which will be known as  HelpDesk from now on since it will do more than just translate messages. We also have a few new Help Center articles and a couple of new blog posts related to Cross Border Trade (CBT). Read on for more…


We are very close to releasing a new and improved Message Translation System (MTS). The new system will be called HelpDesk, and it will offer sellers an advanced system for replying to buyer queries. Like with the old MTS system, it will let you read translated buyer messages and choose from a variety of pre-translated reply templates.

Since we have many templates to choose from, HelpDesk will automatically scan queries and assign recommended replies based on each email’s content.

Alternately, sellers will be able to manually input text for automatic translation upon submission. The HelpDesk will be available for eBay at first then later for other platforms like Amazon and Webstores.

HelpDesk will also include the following features:

  • Total synchronization with eBay’s messaging features
  • Content updated every few minutes
  • Information on how long the buyer has been waiting for a reply
  • A message filtering option (by key terms or buyer names)
  • Give priority to eBay’s negative feedback

Future updates will include the following features:

  • Additional templates
  • The option to create custom templates
  • The option to customize each message introduction and signature
  • A reputation manager to easily handle negative feedback, with the ability to handle eBay’s valid/invalid negative feedback option

You can see a preview of the new HelpDesk below:

HelpDesk 300x133Other improvements on Webinterpret’s eBay platform:

  • We have improved our expression filter for the French and Italian markets. The filter automatically strips out useless words, expressions and symbols from titles in order to conserve character limitations imposed by eBay.
  • We have improved our measuring unit conversion system in certain categories (TV sizes for examples).
  • We are in the process of implementing the new eligibility and recommendation algorithm for all sellers. It’s the process that selects items for translisting into foreign markets.
  • We have created a max shipping cost function to give sellers more control over the price of items.


  • We are working on a way handle items that offer both FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) and FBM (Fulfilled by  Merchant).


New articles were added to our Help Center:


We have posted a couple of new blog posts:

That’s it for this week. Expect another biweekly recap in two weeks with more information on what’s new at Webinterpret and what’s happening in the world of international ecommerce. In the meantime, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.

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