The item categories that international markets cannot live without

One of the things that may keep online sellers away from selling their inventory on international markets is the risk of not finding anyone who would like to buy the stuff that they sell. So when the seller does not know what to expect after starting selling, for example clothes in France he may prefer to wait until he finds out. Fair enough. We don’t want this seller to wait any longer, so today we will show you what item categories have the biggest potential on international markets. But enough talking; let’s see some data!


This chart (click to enlarge) shows the top ten item categories being sold during the first half of 2015 by British sellers. The chart includes the whole international market (including Europe, Australia and United States). Life does not end in the top ten categories. There are other categories with a slightly smaller demand than the top ten, yet still find customers. Those categories beyond the top ten are:

  • Garden & Patio;
  • Toys & Games;
  • Crafts;
  • Collectables;
  • Video Games & Consoles;
  • Photography;
  • Pet Supplies;
  • Baby;
  • Musical Instruments;
  • Books, Comics & Magazines;
  • Music;
  • Sports Memorabilia;
  • DVDs, Films TV;
  • Antiques;
  • Art;
  • Wholesale & Job Lots;
  • Pottery, Porcelain & Glass.

Okay, so now you know the main item categories, and now you are probably asking: what specific subcategories produce the primary value of each item category’s sales? On the list below, you can find the three leading item subcategories for each of the ten item categories sold by British sellers on international markets.

The Leading Item Subcategories

Clothes & shoes

  • Women’s clothing
  • Men’s clothing
  • Men’s shoes

Vehicle Parts & Accessories

  • Car parts
  • Car Tuning & Styling
  • Motorcycle Parts

Home, Furniture & DIY

  • Major Appliances
  • Bedding
  • DIY Materials

Health & Beauty

  • Vitamins / Supplements
  • Make-Up / Cosmetics
  • Natural / Alternative Therapies

Sporting Goods

  • Cycling
  • Fitness, running & Yoga
  • Golf

After reviewing this data, are you still looking for another excuse to disregard cross border trade? Maybe you are curious about what country’s market will bring you the highest profit return from selling there? Actually, we were curious about that, too, and soon we will be ready to share this information with you! Stay tuned if you don’t want to miss this by subscribing to our blog today.


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*Analysis carried out by Webinterpret in July 2015
  1. Data calculated based on the Gross Merchant Value comes from the period: 01.01.2015 – 30.06.2015.
  2. The GMV is calculated as the sum of the transaction from one market to another within a given category without the shipping cost.

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