eBay News

If you sell on eBay, stay tuned. Updates, policy changes, new regulations, new initiatives … they may all have an impact on your online shop. This is especially important if you trade on international markets: rules and policy changes may vary from country to country so stay extra alert!

The good news is that in many cases you can prepare in advance. This will help you stay ahead of your competition, keep up and avoid surprises!

This section contains selected news related to the eBay marketplace and how they can affect international online sellers. Stay tuned!


eBay Spring Release: 2018

eBay has announced further improvements for spring 2018. Webinterpret was also part of the press release published on the 27th February. From now on, our…… Read More


eBay is going retail for Boxing Day

Every year after the holidays millions of items are returned back from whence they came, making December 26th Boxing Day not only an occasion to…… Read More

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eBay 20% off promotion success

CUKFLASH sale 20% off promotion was a great success. Webinterpret sellers grew their domestic revenue by up to 7%, but what’s even more exciting: Their…… Read More