Q4 forecast for eBay and Amazon

In retail ecommerce, Q4 means holidays, and seasoned sellers know the impact a successful holiday season means to their business. October and November especially mean heavy holiday shopping, and with recent upticks in the global economy and the increasing market share of eBay and Amazon, this could be the best Q4 yet for sellers.

Q4 forecast for ebay and amazon

According to Estimize – a company using industry crowdsourcing to forecast performance from publicly traded stocks – Wall Street is forecasting eBay’s revenue to jump to 18.7% from 3.9 billion in Q3 to over $4.6 billion in Q4. Amazon revenue is forecasted to be $25.9 billion in Q4, up a staggering 54% from $16.7 billion in Q3.

Both eBay and Amazon are set to have record quarters for revenue growth, and sellers have great resources to make sure they are prepared. Following the tips for holiday selling best practices is a great place to start for success this season. Both eBay and Amazon have great resources aimed to give you the best chance for success.



This holiday shopping season will start early with more mobile browsing and online shopping than ever. This September, make sure you have the best listings and operations to take advantage of this strong holiday season. It’s coming fast!

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