Pay As You Go sellers can boost their sales with 4 new international eBay markets

To give our sellers even more opportunities to boost their online sales, we have added 4 additional eBay markets to the Pay As You Go plan. From February 22, all PAYG-sellers can benefit from listing their items on these ecommerce strong international markets: Ireland, Canada, Austria, and Belgium.

Selling online to various countries worldwide means that you can reach even more online buyers, and therefore boost your revenue and scale your business most quickly and efficiently. It also allows you to better manage potential market volatility by not concentrating on one or a limited number of international markets.

Listing on multiple eBay sites could give you a sales uplift of up to 5%!

The eBay opportunity in a nutshell

We are introducing the 4 additional eBay markets so sellers have even more opportunities to reach international online buyers and increase their online conversions.

Here’s why these 4 international countries could be the extra lift for you:

The Irish revenue in the ecommerce market is projected to reach US$3,811m in 2021. The internet penetration rate lies at 81%.

Canda has become a particularly lucrative ecommerce market in the last couple of years. Thanks to its extensive digital population of 33 million internet users (92% of Canada’s total population), among other things. Ecommerce retail sales in 2019 reached 1.85 bn Canadian dollars. Approximately 28.1 million Candian users bought online in that year.

In terms of internet adoption, Austria ranks 13th among 28 EU countries. Its commerce user penetration is expected to hit 80.5% by 2025. In 2019 ecommerce revenue reached around $6 billion, with an average annual spend of US$2,000 per shopper.

Belgium is the 24th largest ecommerce market in the world with a revenue of US$5 billion, according to 2019 counts. The ecommerce revenue is expected to grow at the level of 4.6% annually.*

We will only list items that are free of insertion fees. Since Canada and Ireland offer the highest sales potential, they will be opened automatically for you.

To activate Belgium and Austria, login to your dashboard and go to the “Country usage” tab.

The ecommerce is booming

Although the coronavirus pandemic wreaked havoc on the global economy, it has supercharged the ecommerce industry 5 years ahead according to some experts. From March 2020, and the introduction of coronavirus-related restrictions, online sales have dramatically increased for countries across the globe. Making ecommerce more important than ever before.

With lockdown restrictions being imposed and lifted at various stages of the pandemic, ecommerce sales fluctuated but continued to thrive throughout 2020. They have set themselves at a very promising growth trajectory in 2021 and beyond.

2021 is forecasted to break another ecommerce record, with US$4.9 trillion in online sales globally. This figure is projected to further grow to US$6.54 trillion by 2023.

The ecommerce outlook looks promising not only for the European countries but also for the American and Asian markets too.

With all this in mind, it has never been easier and more crucial for marketplace sellers to grow their ecommerce business but expanding into the new international markets. Webinterpret is not only giving our marketplace sellers an opportunity to tap into new countries and consumer audiences across the globe. We would like to give our online merchants the upper hand, by helping them diversify their market portfolio and therefore better manage potential market volatility.

More information

If you’d like to learn more about the 4 eBay markets added to the PAYG plan, please have a look at the article and FAQs in our Help Center.

To find out more about the individual markets, useful characteristics, tips, and strategies have a look at our guides & ebooks section.


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