New top rated seller standards in the UK and Germany

For sites in the UK and Germany, eBay is changing both the standards required for Top top rated sellerRated Sellers (TRS) and the branding associated with Top Rated Seller listings. Here’s what these changes mean for you.

Beginning in August, you must offer the following on listings:

  • Minimum 14-day return period for eBay UK.
  • Minimum 30-day return period for eBay DE
    • In 2014, European law will require sellers to offer a 14-day returns policy. EBay is anticipating this change.
  • 1-day or same-day handling time.
    • You will have to propose a 1 or 0 day delivery time
  • Express delivery. You have to propose an express delivery option
    • The express delivery time is considered in addition to your handling time, which can be either 0 or 1 day.
  • A free postage option.
    • EBay is only looking for 0.00 value in one of your delivery options. You can offset shipping costs by building them into your item price or other shipping options.

Beginning in September, eBay will change the look of the TRS badge as well as associated messaging displayed to buyers on the item page and search results pages. This will help make your listings more visible and show buyers the services you offer. EBay wants the TRS badge to represent a consistent set of services that are available to a buyer. Launching this branding in September gives you a month to adapt your business to the new TRS requirements.

These changes apply to both auction and fixed price listings. Consult your Seller Dashboard to make sure you are meeting the new requirements.

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