[FREE report] Monthly report on US international sales – December 2015

We would like to present you with the monthly report on international sales for British sellers, carried out by Webinterpret.  This market analysis covers 3 topics which are useful to every American online retailer selling internationally:

  • Most profitable foreign markets for American sellers
  • Item categories which American sellers should sell on international markets
  • Potential for American online international sellers

The report was prepared on the basis of a research group comprising 10 000 international retailers who are UK, DE and US Webinterpret customers running their business on eBay and Amazon.

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International sales from January to November 2015 in the UK, DE and US


In general, the upward trend of international sales in United Kingdom, Germany and the United States continued in November. The United States’ online sellers continue to be a few steps ahead of British and German online sellers. Their international revenue grew from 27% to 28% in November. International sales generated by British sellers sped up from 16% to 19%. Sellers from Germany continued to generate 16% international revenue from their whole revenue generated by online sales.

Calculation Method: (international sales generated by the sellers from a given country in a given month) / (international sales + domestic sales generated by the sellers from the given country in the same given month) = % of international sales

How US international revenue breaks down between the top 10 foreign markets from January to November 2015

US 2ndA chart December

US 2ndB chart December

Calculation Method: (international sales generated by American sellers in a given country during a given month) / (international sales generated by American sellers overall in the same month) = Percentage of total international revenue generated by American sellers in a given month in a given market

The chart on the right shows you how the US sellers’ international revenue breaks down between the top 10 foreign markets from January to November 2015. The top foreign market for American sellers is the United Kingdom with its constant upward trend. In second place we see Canada and after that Australia. These three are a must if you are an American seller and want to succeed in selling internationally.

International revenue of top 10 categories sold internationally by US sellers

US Chart 3rd December

Calculation Method: (international sales of the top 10 categories sold internationally by American sellers are presented in percentages and were calculated by: (international sales of a given category in the time frame January – November 2015)/(international  sales + domestic sales of the same given category in the same time frame) = % of international sales

The graph on the right lists the top 10 international categories for US sellers and the % of those sellers’ revenue that is generated internationally. Sellers in the US are generating the highest international revenue in the categories Clothes, Shoes & Accessories, Jewellery & Watches and eBay Motors. When looking at the amount of overall transactions, US sellers are selling the most items internationally in categories such as Vehicle Parts & Accessories, Clothes, Shoes & Accessories and Stamps.



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