Listing abroad with Webinterpret now also for non-English speaking eBay sellers

The e-commerce internationalisation software of Webinterpret, already well known to UK and US eBay sellers, is from now on also available for non-English speaking eBay merchants from the Eurozone. This recent improvement was prepared by Webinterpret in close cooperation with Account Managers from the French and Italian eBay platforms.

– The share of international sales in overall e-commerce is increasing rapidly – says Webinterpret CEO Patrick Smarzynski – However, French, German or Italian eBay sellers often seem not to fully leverage the potential of cross-border trade. Our mission at Webinterpret is to assist also these local merchants in selling worldwide.

CBT progress1 1024x492Source: Catalyst 2012.  Cross Border Trade (CBT) is the fastest growing channel and will generate more than 20% of market share.

The main challenge that German, French or Italian eBay sellers are facing is the language barrier. Webinterpret localises their listings in other languages thus making them easily accessible for customers worldwide. Their localised listings are then placed on the most powerful eBay platforms which generate more sales volume and more traffic than their domestic eBay sites. These two factors account for the GMV increase of sellers who decide to use Webinterpret.

Selling abroad requires dealing with foreign buyers, which may be quite time-consuming. Fortunately, the non-English speaking sellers will soon be able to use the Webinterpret message translation tool – the MTS – to avoid any communication problems with buyers who do not speak their languages.

– We strongly believe that by using Webinterpret the non-English speaking sellers will be able to quickly increase their GMV by an average of 30% – predicts Patrick Smarzynski.

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