Keep up with the next generation of ecommerce: report by Acquity Group

The recent study by Acquity Group provides us with a few insights into the emerging trends in e-commerce. Over 2,000 American consumers were surveyed, which revealed some interesting facts and trends related to the next e-commerce generation. Increased delivery transparency and faster shipping speed are likely to help retailers with their competitive advantage. As many as 75% of respondents revealed that they use third-party delivery services rather than delivering directly through a retailer. Speed and transparency seem to be the main factors motivating such decisions.

Here are some conclusions on the basis of the report:

  • 60% of respondents said that they saw too much sponsored content.
  • Social media is definitely gaining ground with Facebook rivalling the authority of print.
  • Brands have better chances of going viral with younger consumers and when discount codes are included in social media posts.
  • 63% of consumers admitted that before sharing the content, it mattered to them which brand or organisation produced it
  • Younger consumers (23-30) are more likely to change brands  for social currency (retailer offering discounts for social media engagement).
  • The next generation of smartphone owners will be presented with more geolocation opportunities, allowing mobile devices to use their location.
  • It appears that consumers ‘like to see what they get and get it quickly’. The shift is to third-party delivery instead of going directly through a retailer. 66% of respondents like to use services with faster delivery. 87% prefer companies that offer delivery transparency.

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