Grow your ecommerce sales: the story of Donald ‘Monty’ Slade

It may be challenging to be a successful international seller but it’s easy with a good strategy! Here’s a rhymed success story of our eCommerce star, Donald ‘Monty’ Slade.

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Once upon a time
There was this ambitious eCommerce guy.
He had his local online shop,
But wanted to trade non-stop.
He sold shoes, trousers, socks and dresses,
Yet delivered to very few addresses.

He wanted to grow his sales,
But would spend too much time drinking ales.
His name was Donald ‘Monty’ Slade.
And he just found out about Cross Border Trade.

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Cross Border Trading was a big temptation.
But international sales required translation.
It had to happen sooner or later
Donald started using… Google Translator!
He would use it to translate each and every listing,
Ending up with a lot of misunderstandings and word twisting.
His foreign buyers could hardly understand his item descriptions,
They got confused and would soon cancel their subscriptions.

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There he was- Donald- our worried eCommerce bloke,
Wrong translations made him an online sales joke.
Google Translator didn’t turn out to be a perfect solution
What Donald needed was a real linguistic revolution!

Conversion charts and sizes were puzzling too
How to master them? Donald had hardly any clue…
Finally, he would struggle, synchronising his stock
There is a lot on a plate of an eCommerce bloke.

Translation, stock sync, conversion charts
For a domestic seller it was no easy part.
Monty had to join eCommerce communities
And start exploring new opportunities.

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Answers to his questions came up in no time:
Donald ‘Monty’ learnt how to translate his lines!
He got in touch with a Cross Border Trade provider
And could finally sit back relaxed, sipping his cider.

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Monty’s listings are now properly optimised,
And his business goals stay uncompromised.
Donald has quickly grown his international sales,
Is now chilled out and has stopped biting his nails.
It is an honour to be an eCommerce chap
With a superb position on the online sales map.

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If you haven’t started trading globally, here’s your lesson to learn:
Now YOU make the most of your global sales potential in turn!



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