Webinterpret and eBay give US sellers global ecommerce boost

Great news for US eBay sellers. Webinterpret has teamed up with eBay to help them list and sell across 6 international eBay sites with no insertion fees. The program enables invited US eBay sellers to rapidly expand their online business internationally by giving them more worldwide visibility and more international sales.

Chosen US eBay sellers will be able to Instantly launch their eBay store in 6 new markets and increase their worldwide sales with Webinterpret’s simple Plug & Play solution. The benefits are ones to be envy of:

  • Free listing localization
    The program allows sellers to list internationally in German, French, Italian, and Spanish*, thanks to the Webinterpret international ecommerce plugin that is offered for free.
  • It’s free to list
    There are no insertion fees to list in additional markets.** eBay will not charge insertion or final value fees on the eligible international listings.
    Listings will automatically be removed at the end of the Promotional Period on December 31, 2018. So, there will be no additional fees for the sellers.
    If sellers need more selling allowance, it’s very easy to request a higher allowance directly in the eBay account. Here’s an eBay guide how to do it. Webinterpret can also set up a lower quantity of items in stock on the translated listings, to help sellers save up their allowance.
  • Increased exposure on international sites
    With a click of a button, sellers will be able to list their items locally on 6 international eBay sites (that’s up to 18k listings completely free of charge), reaching millions of buyers.
  • Automatic listing creation with no hassle
    The program will automatically list sellers domestic items on global sites, so no additional work is necessary.
    All stock is synchronized across eBay’s international sites and all new international orders appear in sellers account as usual.
    All international items will be displayed multiple times in seller’s account. But there’s no need to worry! Webinterpret will adjust seller’s existing stock level and they will not be sold twice.
    If a seller is already selling passively to these 6 main markets, Webinterpret mirrors their existing settings to these countries; like pricing, shipping etc. and use those to create international listings. That way sellers can make the most of the program and the international exposure it offers. If the seller does not have shipping set to the country they sell passively, then the item will not be listed.
  • Optimized listings
    The program also automatically selects seller’s most promising listings.+

Webinterpret’s solution has been used since 2010 mainly in eBay Europe by 40,000 merchants and has already allowed eBay merchants to generate above $1 Billion of incremental international sales.

*No incremental listing fees based a Seller’s store subscription across 6 international sites.
**Terms and conditions apply. You still pay insertion fees on the main listing on ebay.com at the usual rates.
+Product selection is based on eBay’s internal data on demand and supply in each market.

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