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[Free webinar] What, where and how to sell online in the new ecommerce reality

Has your business been affected by Brexit and Covid-19? Our team analysed 158M products listed on international eBay sites to help us identify the products and markets with the highest sales potential.

You can now access our free webinar presentation from the 4th of November that analyzed the new ecommerce reality sellers are facing, and practical tips for optimal selling results.

This event has been brought to you by our expert Product Managers Adam Harasimowicz, Jesús González-Rubio, and Noémie Colin.

The webinar presentation will give you insights on:

  • The impact of the pandemic on global ecommerce,
  • How to optimize your sales in the current reality,
  • Tools for higher item searchability and localization,
  • eBay Promoted Listings with Webinterpret.

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Macrotrends affecting domestic & international cross-border trade

During the onset of the pandemic (March 2020), domestic sales saw an increase in some countries (such as the UK, Germany, and Spain) while international sales received a unanimous drop. This was attributed to longer delivery times, and general uncertainty from sellers and buyers.

While this initial drop was substantial, it was short lived. Throughout the summer of 2020, domestic and international online sales have amounted to three times the output of the Christmas shopping period.

So, where are we now?

The presentation recording covers the current product categories with the largest sales increases and drops, how to account for market saturation trends, the biggest market potential (based on highest demand), and how to optimize your sales funnel for domestic and international success.

Optimizing product listings for improved visibility on marketplaces

The marketplace user interface plays a crucial role for connecting buyers to their desired products.

It’s so important in fact, that Webinterpret sought to program the specific search filter needs of each selling category into Webinterpret localized listings and match as many search filters as possible.

What were the results of this experiment?

Localized product visibility increased by 60%, and product sales increased by 20%!

If you’re looking to increase your international visibility and sales, consider joining Webinterpret’s cutting-edge eBay solution which uses advanced proprietary natural language processing (branch of AI) to automatically localize listings for marketplace sellers across the globe.

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Increase your exposure with eBay promoted listings

Why is boosting your listing visibility so important?

Promoted Listings Standard helps your products stand out among the billions of listings on eBay and shows them to millions of active buyers, whether they’re using the search feature, on another listing page, or simply browsing across the site.

Using Promoted Listings has helped eBay sellers boost their listing visibility by up to 36%!

And the best part? You only pay when your item sells.

The presentation recording provides more information about Webinterpret’s promoted listings solution for eBay sellers, and how to get started on the current trial offer.

Exclusive presentation: What, where and how to sell online in the new ecommerce reality

The live presentation is available for download, where you will be able to scroll through key topics and watch at your leisure. Tune in to learn everything you need to know about the new ecommerce reality after Brexit and COVID-19.

Interested in more insights? Download our free guide that explores these topics in depth.

Ecommerce vs. Coronavrius & Brexit: free download

Want to sell more after covid-19 & Brexit? Here’s how & where!

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