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[Free webinar] Conquer the French ecommerce market with Cdiscount

How to take the French ecommerce market by a storm, with the help of Cdiscount? How to make sure your listings and products tick with the French consumers? Answers to these questions and many more you will find in the recent webinar we hosted together with our partner Cdiscount on the 4th of February.

According to recent counts, France has become Europe’s second-largest ecommerce market just after the UK and superseding Germany. With over 100bn ecommerce sales yearly the French market offers a great opportunity to scale up your online business quickly and effectively.

Selling internationally, and in particular to French consumers, still feels like unchartered territory for many marketplace sellers. Together with Cdiscount (one of the leading marketplaces in France & Europe), we aim to support the marketplace sellers who are thinking of maybe have already started selling on the French market.

The webinar presentation gives you insights on:

  • Cdiscount growth opportunity & how it compares to Amazon and eBay.
  • Top-selling categories & emerging opportunities (2020 & 2021).
  • Leveraging Cdiscount’s reach & Webinterpret seamless solution.

Access the webinar

The presentation we delivered during the webinar shows you what a great ecommerce opportunity the French market offers. It’s designed to help marketplace sellers like you understand how to use the Cdiscount marketplace to your best advantage. Our speakers Maciej Bednarek (Key Account Executive at Webinterpret), and Mathieu Paulien-Iribarren (Business Engineer Partnership at Cdiscount), shared some exclusive insights, like the top-selling categories, the 4 keys to success, or the product groups that have seen one of the biggest growths.

2021 will see a further intensification of ecommerce sales and opportunities and is predicted to bring $4.9 trillion in online sales globally.

We are witnessing an unprecedented surge in online sales in 2020 and 2021. In addition to that commerce platforms like Cdiscount are enjoying a great deal of popularity. As consumers worldwide are increasingly browsing and completing their purchases there. All that makes marketplace sellers both domestically and internationally an ideal way to boost your revenue.

Insightful & practical webinar

Many sellers don’t know where to start or how to boost their international presence and sales, on the markets like France for instance. This lack of easily accessible and applicable tips or strategies could often become a major blocker and successfully deter from selling cross-border.

Together with our partner Cdiscount we have hosted an exclusive webinar. Maciej Bednarek (Key Account Executive at Webinterpret), and Mathieu Paulien-Iribarren (Business Engineer Partnership at Cdiscount), showed valuable insights on how to expand your business onto the French market.

Exclusive presentation – to maximize your French online sales

For those who were unable to attend the live session, you can now download the comprehensive presentation, so you can read it in parts, browse through or come back to it at a time convenient for you!

And if you need more clarification, more valuable information, or inspirations on international growth, dive into our trending ecommerce calendar.

Selling internationally – more insights & tips

The webinar and the presentation will surely not answer all of the questions you might have about conquering the French ecommerce market. That’s why we encourage you to have a look at these Webinterpret’s and Cdiscount’s articles and guide books packed with more information, insights, and recommendations.

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