Understanding ecommerce buyers: check this useful data

Shopping habits change quickly, especially in the digital age. Modern technological developments make it necessary for ecommerce sellers to understand how shopping behaviour and preferences are affected.

Curious about what drives your current and prospective buyers? Demandware shared some interesting insights and numbers. Shopping Index, based on the activities of over 500 million shoppers worldwide, identifies trends and changes in shopping activity.

Ecommerce Shopping Data: recent study

The Demandware data summarized in this article come from Q4 2016.

For starters, there was a 19% year-over-year growth in digital commerce in Q4 2016. There was also an increase in traffic (11%) and shopper spend per visit (8%).

This was the most balanced growth over the past three years.

digital commerce growth ecommerce trends

Source: Demandware

Mobiles captured 52% of all traffic and 30% of orders. Social was an essential traffic channel, accounting for 4% of all traffic and 5% of mobile traffic. Visit duration increased to 6.6 minutes, even though it fell consistently in recent quarters.

Digital commerce growth per country

digital commerce growth global

Order growth by device (global)

order growth device global

Traffic growth by device (global)

ecommerce traffic growth device global

Shopper spend (global)

The amount the shopper spends per order

ecommerce shopper spend global

Average Order Value, discount rate & free shipping (global)

  • Average Order Value: the amount the shopper spends per order.
  • Discount rate: the share of an order amount reduced due to order discounts.
  • Free shipping: the share of total orders shipped at no cost to the buyer (percentage).

order value discount rate free shipping global ecommerce

In a nutshell

Ecommerce shopping is growing and shoppers are spending more. Isn’t it great news for online sellers? Focus your efforts on growing your online sales, this is a good time to do so!

The true sales potential lies not only in your domestic but also international markets. Hence, don’t hesitate to take a small step and give yourself the possibility of doubling your ecommerce sales figures!

Global trends, ecommerce events, selected changes of policies and latest ecommerce studies may all be relevant to the future of your online business. So check multiple sources for ecommerce updates and we recommend this section to be one of them. 

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