eBay UK Product Identifiers required from this week

From February 29th, eBay sellers will have to include product identifiers on all new, released, revised and Good ‘Till Cancelled listings. The requirement applies to single and multi-variation listings. Product identifiers are unique codes found on labels or barcodes which improve product visibility in search results on eBay and in search engines.

Your international listings

In general, you do not need to worry, once you have updated your original listings, the changes will be applied automatically onto your Webinterpret translistings. Items which require product identifiers localised by Webinterpret will be handled in the following way:

  • If the original item has a product identifier: Webinterpret will reuse the original product identifier in the translisted international item. The exact product identifier will be used, regardless of the standard used in the international marketplace.
  • If the original item does not have a product identifier: if you wish, Webinterpret will set “Does not apply” in the appropriate field when creating the translated item (just let us know if you would like us to apply this).

See how to handle eBay’s Product Identifiers in the Webinterpret Help Center.

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