eBay Spring Release: 2018

eBay has announced further improvements for spring 2018. Webinterpret was also part of the press release published on the 27th February. From now on, our service is an added benefit and part of the eBay offer for all Featured and Anchor-Shop subscribers in Germany, France, Italy and Spain. This step represents a spectacular success and a new era for our partnership with eBay!

Most of the changes introduced by eBay have long been predicted by sellers, buyers, as well as some of the industry titles, such as the Tamebay or the Online Retailer. They’re focusing on improving the shopping experience and growing sales.  Below we’ve put together a brief overview of some of the changes introduced for the international markets. Detailed releases are available on the individual eBay websites.

The UK Sellers will be able to access the new Seller Hub insights and the eBay Concierge, tools designed to help them run their businesses more efficiently. Return policies will be migrated to 60 or 30 days with 14-day return policies being phased out. In order to make the entire eBay marketplace HTTPs compliant, custom eBay shop designs will be migrated to native eBay shop designs. Fee changes, as well as changes to Anchor shop descriptions, are also on the cards.

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The 2018 Spring release for ebay.com matches closely the changes introduced in the eBay UK seller release. Simplified return options will be introduced with sellers being able to offer 14-day returns only for selected few categories, such as Collectibles & Art, Cameras & Photo and Medical, Mobility & Disability Equipment. Growth tools and inventory optimization will make managing online sales much easier, and the product-based listings, as in the UK, will be introduced too.

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From now on, our localization service is a further component of the eBay offer for all top and premium shop subscribers in Germany, France, Italy and Spain. This integration of the WebInterpret service, promises an easy and simple international localization experience.

For the German sellers, a new fixed portion of sales fee has been introduced in addition to the regular percentage fee for a successful sale. It will be also much easier for them to participate in the eBay Plus program. A program that promises fast and free premium shipping, easy free returns and first-class customer service. Sellers benefit from better visibility and eBay-paid returns, and when they process all eBay Plus orders on the same working day, sellers receive an additional 20% discount on the sales commission.

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