Cross-Border Matchmaker: you can now use our dating services to find an ecommerce-obsessed partner!

We are happy to confirm that we can now offer extra services to our paying customers. Not only do we want them to be happy with impressive international sales figures, but also with their … love life. You may have already found your significant other, but if you haven’t, now is the perfect time.

Find an eCommerce-obsessed partner in the country of your choice!

We have just employed world-class matchmakers that will find an ideal match just for you.

Yes, our bespoke solution is perfect and we’re happy to present you with the Cross-Border Matchmaker. We will make sure you will be able to communicate with your foreign partner and we will go beyond body language.

Isn’t this a standard dating agency?

You may ask… Far from it! We know you’re an online seller who loves the idea of trading internationally and so do your potential matches. Our first criterion to find you the perfect match is to choose the countries where your biggest sales potential lie.

Cross-Border Love’n’Sales: leave it to us

We will ensure you will be able to communicate with your foreign partner.Then we will use your criteria to find you the best match. This is a 2-in-1 service: you will get a foreign eCommerce partner AND a soulmate. In other words, you will grow your business and enjoy butterflies in your stomach.

Here’s how it works:

  • 90 DAY FREE TRIAL: We act fast, but we realise … you can’t hurry love. So for up to 90 days we will provide you with dating options in different countries. Free of charge, no obligation on your side. When your free trial is over, you can continue using our service and we will make sure your love blossoms. cross border matchmaker couples
  • FLEXIBILITY & MANAGEMENT: You can customise and manage your preferences. Choose the gender, height, weight and education of your potential sweetheart. You can also select the product category in which they sell.
  • MOBILE SOLUTION: Our mobile app and notifications will help you monitor new matches on the go. If you like them, you will be able to contact them directly and instantly, but you can also use our advice. Finally, our app will measure engagement so that we can generate reports on all matches.
  • FREE MARKETING: We will market your best qualities to present you in a most attractive way to your potential matches, and not only in terms of your company’s GMV. Our image, eCommerce and love specialists will work together to ensure you simply can’t get it wrong this time!

Interested? There are plenty of fish in the sea, but don’t wait for other eCommerce sharks to snatch the love of your life! Sign up now!


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April fool! 1 April can make your online business smile

There’s this one day that gives you a license to make the most extraordinary prank and even… go public with it. The instructions are easy: pull someone’s leg and, when the joke is revealed, shout April fool! at your victim.

To make things clear: even though some of you may find the Cross-Border Matchmaker a brilliant idea, unfortunately, it’s not part of our offer. Yet we thought we could use some humour.

Cross border matchmkaker couple2

Not only are serial pranksters keen on making jokes when April arrives, but also the business world likes to have a good laugh. How can business owners stay in the spirit of April Fools’ Day? For instance, by releasing a bogus, mind-boggling product, functionality or by publishing attention-grabbing content. Then just wait and … observe the public reaction.

So this is how it goes…

30 March 2011. Google sends an important message to the world, saying that no longer do you have to use a mouse and keyboard. You can now be more productive and physically active using your body motions to type email. Project Google Motion is in motion…

Google Motion got it right!

Google is always way ahead of the rest of the world so there’s no reason to doubt you can make a stamp-licking gesture in front of the computer and the email … will be sent. Especially as Google made a video, explaining the gestures that help you manage your mailbox. The serious tone of the message makes viewers think they’re really onto something.

Google’s prank is an example of a perfect choice made by a company. Not only is it funny, but it also supports the brand and enhances its image as a funky technology producer.

Use 1 April to your eCommerce advantage

April is about making people laugh, but also about your brand exposure, sharing your content and generating backlinks. Additionally, you can get some media coverage, depending on the nature of your business and your hoax. Be funny, but also helpful and innovative.

Curious about other successful pranks, including Amazon Dash? Interested in how 1 April works for the eCommerce industry? Read our article Use 1 April to your eCommerce advantage.


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Make people laugh and watch the results!

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Use 1 April to your eCommerce advantage

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