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bible blog graphics 276x300The UK is the hub of internet shoppers. According to eMarketer, B2C e-commerce sales in the UK were almost three times higher than in the second largest Western European market, Germany. And what about the German consumer? The special profile of the German buyer makes it necessary for online sellers to treat local shoppers with special attention. For instance, Germans have more private personalities than Brits, so their level of trust  in e-commerce is much lower. To illustrate this, merely 20% of German consumers pay with credit cards, 45% preferring bank invoices for online shopping.

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  • Can the British weather be one of the main factors motivating local buyers to do their shopping online from the comfort of their sofas? After all, this seems a much more attractive option as opposed to having to do your shopping spree dashing through high streets on rainy days. The UK marketplace is competitive, customer-oriented and has huge buying power. Relatively low mobile rates contribute to more time being spent online.
  • The perception of the German brand around the world matters. So does the image of the German shopper who is smart, savvy and well acquainted with online shopping. Distinctive qualities of the German marketplace are the high Internet penetration rate (83%) with 91% of the 30-49 age group purchasing regularly online, but also slowing growth.
  • The American Dream has become a synonym for opportunity, equality and success. The USA has the world’s largest economy and is the birthplace of e-commerce giants, such as Amazon and eBay. Yet, the US is perceived as a challenging foreign market to enter. Its changing demographics, strong domestic competition and rapidly transforming technology require an extra effort that has to be made to keep up with consumer expectations.
  • The fact that French women dress well and are interested in fashion is common knowledge. In fact, fashion is a very popular product category in the world of e-commerce and we’re not talking berets here! All the same, irrespective of what is being sold and delivered, consumer expectations must be met: some want one-hour delivery slots, others might want to have their product delivered to a secure locker.
  • Italy is the land of the Mediterranean sunshine, wine and romance. It’s no wonder that a general holiday mood makes vacations and travel tickets the best-sellers among Italian online shoppers. The growing income disparity and the contrast between the north and the south is likely to present opportunities for online sellers. There is a big demand for cosmetic & fashion brands, high-end products in particular.

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