Online sellers can boost item visibility in 10 new categories on eBay

Wouldn’t it be great to land your listings on the first pages of eBay search results? The promoted listings advertising service can help you increase your visibility and move up the search results ladder. The good news is that now items sold on eBay can be promoted in 10 new categories.

Promote your listings on eBay

By promoting your listings on eBay, you can drive much more traffic to your offers. This in turn will help you increase your sales. There is no risk on your side: you only pay the ad rate you select (1-20% of your final sale price) when your ad is clicked and the purchase is finalised.

Now you can promote your listings in 10 new categories:

  1. Books
  2. Music
  3. DVDs & Movies
  4. Entertainment Memorabilia
  5. Office
  6. Retail & services
  7. Business & Industrial
  8. Art
  9. Tickets & Experiences
  10. Gift Cards & Coupons

Make your product findable and visible on eBay

If your product offers are well marketed, they will always be at an advantage. Not many online shoppers like to spend hours digging through dozens of search results pages. If your offer is currently on page 25, you run the high risk of being overlooked.

A lack of new visitors can lead to a halt in sales growth. Eventually it can lead to no sales at all.

Surely you want your potential buyers to actively seek your products. You want to place your product before their very eyes before they even think of scrolling past your offer. You want your product to be findable and visible.

Findability and visibility have to do with more traffic and sales, but also with making your shop more recognisable. Recognisability in turn helps to build good reputation. And online sellers know that reputation matters: for many buyers, reviews are the first reference point in the purchasing decision.

To make your offers findable and visible, it’s worth considering the promotion of your listings. Any investment that gives you a chance to rise to the top of the results page has the potential to bring you a highly satisfactory monetary return. Test it and see what happens.

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Listing visibility on international markets

sell internationally ebay webinterpretThe question of visibility is extremely important when you sell on international markets. A good localisation process is absolutely essential to push your items to the top of foreign search results. This is what we do at Webinterpret, using keywords and descriptions specific to each foreign marketplace category.

Better visibility means an increased likelihood of making a sale. It’s a matter of putting your offer in prominent locations in front of the shoppers who actively search for your product. If you sell on foreign markets, it may be a bit of a challenge to beat local sellers, but a good cross border trade partner will definitely help you achieve your goals.

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