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Allegro and Webinterpret team up to give online sellers the upper hand on the Polish market

Webinterpret has recently partnered with Allegro, Poland’s most popular online marketplace and the 4th largest in Europe. This presents great news and an exciting opportunity for many international marketplace sellers. Online merchants will now be able to gain the upper hand on the Polish booming ecommerce scene and tap into millions of potential online buyers and sales.

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Our partnership with Allegro has already seen numerous marketplace sellers expanding their business to Poland’s thriving online market (ranked 13th among the fastest developing ecommerce markets in the world). These beta sellers like for instance Melody Jane Dolls Houses, have seen an increase in their exposure and sales on the Polish market.

The service from Webinterpret has enabled us to promote and sell our products on Allegro, which has been fantastic, thank you.

Charlotte, Melody Jane Dolls Houses

The growing ecommerce market in Poland

The Polish ecommerce market is rapidly growing, making it an exciting proposition for marketplace sellers. Only a few years back, in 2016, online retail sales in Poland amounted to just 3.3% of total retail sales (16.8% in the UK in 2016 in comparison).

Internet adoption and the number of online buyers were also visibly lower. In 2016 there were only 25.8m online users. Whereas in Great Britain almost 41.8m used the internet daily, that year.

However, today’s Polish ecommerce paints an entirely different picture. In 2020 the number of internet users increased to 84.9%, reaching 32m. Last year online retail sales grew to an all-time record of €22 billion. That’s a sales increase of 25% compared to 2019.

In the years 2021-2025 ecommerce revenue in Poland is expected to grow at an annual rate of 7.28%. By 2025 it’s predicted to bring a market volume of €15,056m (US$17,941). Poland’s annual growth rate of ecommerce revenue is expected to outpace Europe’s strongest economies such as the UK (3.47% CAGR 2021-2025), Germany (5.35% CAGR 2021-2025), and France (5.24%, CAGR 2021-2025).

Allegro’s strong position in Poland

Allegro is in the top 10 most visited ecommerce platforms in the world. This Polish homegrown company enjoys unparalleled popularity among Polish online buyers. 21 million customers (80% of all internet users in Poland) visit Allegro monthly.

Allegro is one of the biggest marketplaces in Poland’s $17bn ecommerce market (2020) and one that enjoys the biggest popularity among its 21 million online visitors per month.

Mark Ellis, VP, Growth & Partnerships at Webinterpret

Over the years, Allegro has been playing a key role in Polish ecommerce and has been the first choice for both online buyers and sellers across Poland.

Benefits of selling on Allegro

One of the keys to Allegro’s success lies in being a homegrown and local marketplace. Despite the growing importance of the likes of Amazon and eBay, a large number of Europeans prefer shopping from homegrown trusted online marketplaces, such as Allegro in Poland, Cdiscount in France, or Bol in Holland.

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Allegro, not only attracts 21 million online visitors per month. It’s also extremely attractive for online sellers. Many online merchants may find it easier to set a firm foot in channels alternative to Amazon or eBay. Especially when the product categories they sell in are often competitive and saturated on these marketplaces.

Organic search results still remain a major source of revenue for many marketplace sellers, according to Adrien Salvat, Webintepret’s Commercial Director – “Unlike eBay or Amazon, flooded by sponsored products or ads, Allegro is likely to offer a lower cost of sales”.

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In addition to that, local marketplaces tend to have smaller inventories than the marketplace giants. Popular items are easily available on those sites but the long tail (unique or hard-to-find) items may be missing or have limited availability. Thus giving sellers who distribute such products a competitive advantage of having no or little competition.

Why selling on Allegro is paramount

  • Poland’s preferred marketplace
    • 13m active buyers & 220 million visits per month.
  • The largest online platform in Poland
    • 127k merchants & 1.2 million products sold every day.
  • A Pay-when you-sell model: No subscription or listing fees.
  • An innovative platform that constantly:
    • improves user experience and adapts to ecommerce trends.
    • supports sellers and entrepreneurship through Marketing & advertising support, dedicated support agents, and a dedicated seller Brand Zone.

Allegro & Webinterpret

Selling online to various markets worldwide means that you can reach even more online buyers. This in turns means you can increase your revenue and scale your business most quickly and efficiently.

Especially, in this day and age, no marketplace seller, whether large or small, whether based in Europe or the US, should be reliant just on one market and/or one marketplace. Ecommerce figures from markets as fast-growing or as diverse as Poland, the UK, or Australia show that about half of ecommerce sales now take place on marketplaces.

Webinterpret’s partnership with Allegro aims to ensure marketplace sellers can fully benefit from these growing ecommerce trends. It’s designed to support them in diversifying the growth opportunities and to help them better manage potential market volatility by not only concentrating on one or a limited number of international markets.

Webinterpret enables sellers to start selling quickly in a new country. Something that previously would take months of planning, research, and preparation, is done now within days.

Kacper Rozenbaum, Head of International Sales at Allegro

By tapping into our knowledge and the know-how of Allegro, our partnership also aims to save sellers hours of careful planning, or a significant amount of labor normally needed to grow to a new market and marketplace.

Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • We localize your listings:
    • Choose top search keywords, map categories, currencies, sizes, and postage costs.
  • We translate titles, map item specifics, and descriptions.
    • All your stock, price, and inventory synchronized on all Allegro and other sites you list.
  • You benefit from our know-how about the market and marketplace and the knowledge at scale.


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