2020 – Start of a new chapter for Webinterpret: New CEO and a sharper strategic focus

As we move into 2020 Webinterpret enters a new era too. Mike Bishop, Webinterpret’s long-standing CFO has been asked to head up the company from January 2020. As a new CEO, Mike will not only be responsible for the day to day running of the business, but will also provide further strategic development of our brand, and concentrate on diversifying our growth opportunities.

‘I very much welcome the opportunity both personally and professionally. We are opening a brand new and exciting chapter for Webinterpret.’ says Mike Bishop.

‘The new era will see the company further championing the cause of online sellers worldwide, as well as adapting our innovative solution to continuously changing customer and market needs.’ Mike continues.

Turning global markets on its heads

Over the last decade, Webinterpret enjoyed incredible growth turning the global marketplace on its head and breaking the barriers to international trade for online merchants. What started as a common vision of democratizing the international ecommerce, shared by the two founders Patrick Smarzynski and Benjamin Cohen, quickly evolved into a truly global and one of the market’s most advanced cross-border solutions for ecommerce.

Today, using a suite of tailor-made solutions, we cater to various, even most demanding, ecommerce needs. Our 30,000-strong customer base includes small, medium-sized and enterprise online sellers who are both based and also sell products globally.

With the change, both Patrick Smarzynski and Benjamin Cohen remain engaged and active members of the Webinterpret Board, supporting Mike in delivering Webintepret’s strategic development. They will also continue championing the cause of online store sellers worldwide, as CEO (Patrick Smarzynski) and COO (Benjamin Cohen) in the newly formed Glopal brand. 

A sharper strategic focus

The start of a new decade marks a new chapter for Webinterpret. Last year saw the company successfully completing an extensive analysis of our business, our customer needs, strategies, and marketing opportunities. This strategic review not only paved the way for appointing a new CEO but also resulted in a decision to give the Webinterpret’s Online Store and the Marketplace sides of the business each a sharper strategic focus.

The move, which creates two independent brands; Webinterpret and Glopal, provides both entities with a great opportunity to leverage their unique competitive advantages.

‘Each of the businesses will be even better positioned to accelerate its growth and profits over time,’ says Mike, Webinterpret’s new CEO. ‘The added flexibility is not only the best opportunity but also an ideal path to position the company for a long term success, and maximize the value for our customers,’ he continues.

Delivering Excellence, Customer-centric and innovative approach

Customer focus, delivering excellence, and market-driven innovation. These are three cornerstones that will be the main focus for both Mike and Webinterpret.

‘By focusing on these key areas, we will not only bring long term value for our customers. We will also secure a competitive edge for Webinterpret, and strengthen our path towards a new decade of growth, productivity and industry leadership,’ Mike comments.

What does the change mean for the customers?

The move allows both Webinterpret and Glopal to be even more focused on their customers’ needs. It also adds flexibility in developing international sales growth solutions for both ecommerce sellers and marketplaces.

The change will not affect any day to day services for either company. Webinterpret will continue to focus on growing international sales for marketplace sellers.

Glopal with its online store and Google Shopping merchants will run under a separate brand and identity whilst maintaining the same original values and quality of Webinterpret, and further developing and strengthening its international Google Shopping proposition.


How do I now contact the Customer Care Team?

For all marketplace related queries, you can check Webinterpret Help Center or Contact us via the Contact Form. You can also use the chat facility provided in the Dashboard.

All online store-related queries can be directed to the Glopal Customer Care Team.

Does anything change for me?

The move will not affect any day to day services for either company.

For marketplace sellers, everything remains the same.

Online Sellers or those using Google Shopping will soon be contacted by Glopal with more information.

Will the website URL for tracking pages stay the same?

The URL stays the same. You will be able to track your parcels through the same link.

Will the shipping providers stay the same?

Yes, the shipping providers remain the same.

Will the pricing change?

The pricing remains the same too.


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