10 must-follow publications for ecommerce sellers

Smart ecommerce sellers know that competitive prices or appealing products are simply not enough to grow your online business. Today you must keep an eye on being both innovative and productive, and know the latest ecommerce and business trends, strategies and technologies to keep pace with your competitors and the ever-changing customer needs.

Sounds simple and straightforward … But in reality, the abundance of media outlets makes it difficult to know what are the best, most reliable and comprehensive sources of information.

We have put together a list of 10 media outlets, that should be a regular read to all ecommerce sellers, regardless of their origin, size, products or reach. These titles will help you be more productive, your business more innovative and in turn land more customers.

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Discover the latest in the ecommerce world

Internet Retailer is one of the leading sources for ecommerce news. You’ll find here a wealth of research and insights on various business and ecommerce strategies and trends, as well as valuable facts, figures and analyses on all things ecommerce.

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Tamebay is an ideal source of information for those selling on online marketplaces. With useful articles being posted round the clock, you are certain to find there news, tips and advice for all topics related to Amazon, eBay or any other major marketplaces.

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Practical eCommerce aims at providing down-to-earth articles and commentary to help ecommerce businesses around the world. Their independent and insightful analyses and strategies cover everything from analytics, marketing, design, to payments, social media, cross-border, multichannel, shipping, and much more.

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Keep pace with the changing business landscape

Business Insider This fast-growing business site has a deep business, financial, media, tech and other industry verticals. Launched in 2007, the site is now one of the largest business news sites on the web.

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Entrepreneur with its mission statement ‘Start, run and grow your business’, gives advice, insight, profiles and guides to established and aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners worldwide.

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Follow online retail trends

Essential Retail is experienced in breaking global news in the retail technology space. Its knowledgeable editorial writers and industry experts deliver in-depth content. Essential Retail also provides knowledge and learning opportunities through an engaged webinar channel, white paper syndication programs and industry leading custom events.

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Retail Touchpoints provides the latest retail news and trends focusing on shopper experience, digital marketing, and retail innovation. With an array of content, it guides the retail companies and online sellers in their quest for a long-term, sustainable success.

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Retail Dive is for all busy professionals out there who need a birds-eye-view of the retail industry in 60 seconds. Its editorial team continuously analyzes the top stories to provide in-depth and original analysis.

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Manage your business more efficiently

Small Biz Trends is an award-winning online publication for small business owners, entrepreneurs. Along with the regular editorial staff, the site has 400+ vetted experts who volunteer their knowledge, insights, successes and failures.

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SmallBusiness.com helps small business owners and managers respond to challenges and opportunities they encounter each day. Their content emphasizes how-tos, tips, guides, explanations, directions and insights from those who have something insightful to share.

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